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LUT Conversion (Mac)

The FSI LUT Converter is a free Mac application capable of converting your .cube LUT files generated by Davinci Resolve to the FSI .dat format for use with your FSI monitor.

Mac Application

After opening the LUT Converter, simply click on the Open LUT... button or drag your .cube file onto the application window.

You can preview the loaded LUT by clicking the Preview button.

You can select a different preview image by clicking "Set Preview Image..." or restore the default by clicking "Reset Preview Image".

The center line of the preview window is horizontally draggable, allowing you to see more or less of the image with and without the LUT applied.

In the Export window, Enter the Name for your LUT in the name field.

The name field will be displayed when toggling the LUT on your FSI monitor.

The data entered in the comments field will be embedded in the LUT as a comment which can be seen if viewing the LUT with a text editor.

Click the Export LUT... button to export your .cube in FSI's .dat format.

In the Save As field enter a valid DIT file name. Valid DIT file names use the format DIT01, DIT02, DIT03 ... all the way up to DIT16 for the 16 LUT positions available on an FSI BM, CM, or DM series monitor.

If you are already connected to an FSI monitor with DIT LUT support via update cable, you can save the LUT directly to the monitor instead of your computer by selecting it from the "Where" dropdown field.