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DM Series Fast Mode Compatability

DM series monitors feature a unique Zero Delay Fast Mode. When activated, this mode reduces the total latency between receipt of signal and onscreen display to less than 1 field with no loss in image quality or accuracy.

Many of the DM series monitor’s most popular features and capabilities are fully compatible with Zero Delay Fast Mode. Some functions, including advanced engineering and QC features like the Video Data Analyzer, only work in the standard processing mode. A list detailing compatibility is provided below for reference.

Please note that Zero Delay Fast Mode can be quickly activated and deactivated with a single function key press, allowing for fast access to all capabilities.

Available in DM Series Fast Mode
  • Real-time connection to Livegrade Pro
  • Real-time connection to Prelight
  • Real-time connection to FirePlay and FireDay
  • Real-time connection to IP Remote Utility for Frame Capture, ScopeStream, and Input Selection
  • Chroma/Bright/Contrast/Volume controls - controls are available, but no OSD info
  • Real-time Scopes
  • 3rd Generation Focus Assist
  • Marker 1, 2, 3
  • C-Log Standard and Full
  • S-Log Standard and Full
  • S-Log 2 Standard and Full
  • S-Log 3 Standard and Full
  • BMD-Log Standard and Full
  • Max Sharpness
  • DIT 3D LUT
  • 3D Disparity
  • Image Flip
  • Custom Sharpness Level
  • Custom Graticules
  • All Color Space Selections
  • All Gamma Selections
  • All Color Temperature Selections
  • Color Matching Function Toggle
  • HDR Preview Modes
  • Custom Luminance Modes
  • LUT Bypass
  • RGB Gain/Bias Controls - Settings remain active, switch to standard mode to adjust.
  • ACES Proxy v1.0.0
  • SDI Black Level Selection
  • Video Clipping Selection
  • Custom Gamma Selection
  • Keypad LED Selection
  • Black Detail Mode
  • Chroma/Bright/Contrast Lock and Unlock Selection
Available in Standard Mode Only
  • OSD Menu Access
  • Zoom, Pixel Zoom, DSLR Zoom
  • Red, Green, and Blue Only
  • Red, Green, and Blue Only as Mono
  • Overscan
  • Sub Window
  • Pixel Mapping
  • Mono Mode
  • Cross Hatch
  • H/V Delay
  • 8 and 10 bit Pixel Picker Measurement Feature
  • CIE Measurement
  • LUM Coloring
  • SD Aspect Ratio
  • Full Screen Stretch Feature
  • Processed Scopes and Audio Meters 1,2,3 (*Note Real-time Scopes do work in Fast Mode)
  • Variable Wipe
  • Still Frame
  • Safety Broadcast Mode
  • AFD Reader
  • Anamorphic De-squeeze
  • CX Scale
  • Rec. Status and Onscreen Tally
  • Time Code Display
  • Video Data Analyzer
  • PAP Mode
  • CIE Scope
  • SD Enhancement
  • Part Display
  • Source ID
  • SDI Hue Adjustment