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Darren Mostyn - XMP310 Pro Colorist Review

The first EVER review of the Brand New XMP310 31.5" Reference Grading monitor from Flanders Scientific by a UK broadcast colourist. Is this the best Pro Grading monitor in 2024?

Flanders Scientific at the 2024 NAB Show

Interviews from the FSI booth at NAB 2024.

Bram shares his comments on the future of HDR displays, new monitor announcements from FSI and thoughts on the challenges of monitoring 12K video with Larry Jordan.

Bram meets with postPerspective at NAB 2024.

CFA x NFS stop by Flanders Scientific next at NAB 2024.

Production Hub Interview with Flanders Scientific at NAB 2024.

The Offset Podcast EP006: Getting To Know QD-OLED with Bram Desmet

After 20+ years of using CRT, LCD/LED, Plasma, RGB OLED, W-RGB OLED, LMCL, and probably a few other display technologies we're forgetting about - Is QD OLED (Quantum Dot OLED) the display technology we've all been waiting for?

In this installment of The Offset Podcast, Robbie & Joey sit down with our good friend, display technology guru, and CEO of Flanders Scientific, Bram Desmet to discuss if quantum physics actually has anything to do with this display technology, the massive improvements that QD OLED provides over other display tech and some key features of QD OLED that you'll want to consider before your next reference monitor purchase.

Linus Tech Tips

The XMP550 QD OLED mastering monitor from Flanders Scientific is here and it's incredible.

In Conversation with Flanders Scientific

In this IABM TV interview, Bram Desmet, CEO and General Manager of Flanders Scientific, discusses QD-OLED technology and its application in Reference Grade HDR monitoring.

Visit IABM to view - Registration is free.

International Colorist Academy

The Future of Displays - iColorist Color Space Cadets livestream, Ep12

In this episode Kevin Shaw will be joined by Robbie Carman, Joey D'Anna and Bram Desmet, to discuss advancements in display technology. - Quantum Leap in OLED

FSI's NEW Quantum Dot OLED 2000nit Pro Display

XMP550 First Look Cine Gear 2023

Flanders Scientific XMP550 55" QD-OLED HDR Mastering Monitor First Look at Cine Gear 2023

IABM 2020

IABM - In conversation with Flanders Scientific's Bram Desmet

Mixing Light Interview with Patrick Inhofer


FSI's Bram Desmet talks to Patrick Inhofer of about the state of professional displays in 2020.

Mixing Light Interview with Robbie Carman


FSI's Bram Desmet talks to Robbie Carman of about HDR and FSI's XM series monitors.

NAB 2017

FSI's Bram Desmet discusses what's new for 2017 with District Digital Creatives

FSI's Bram Desmet introduces ScopeStream, BoxIO 12G, and the XM55U to FinnerKnowsBest.

FSI's Bram Desmet announces latest Professional Broadcast Monitors range with InBroadcast's Kalee Hewlett at NAB 2017.


Mixing Light Interview with Robbie Carman - BoxIO

Robbie Carman of sits down and talks about the new BoxIO Dual Channel LUT Box with Bram Desmet of FSI.

Read it here.

Hear From our Customers - 2014

Hear from some Flanders Scientific customers about our monitors and our company.


Interview with Robbie Carman - New OLED units 2013

Robbie Carman of sits down and talks about the newest models for 2013 with Bram Desmet of FSI.

One River Media

Interview with Marco Solorio - NAB 2013

Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media and Bram Desmet of FSI run down new features available on the all new BM and CM series monitors including live side by side viewing of 2 inputs and custom LUT import.

Also highlighted is the Black Magic Cinema Camera Log modes.

Carey Dissmore

Carey Dissmore reviews the LM-2461W

The LM-2461W is discontinued, but the new CM240 uses the same panel and has even more features packed in at the same price.

Helmut Kobler

Los Angeles-based DP and cameraman Helmut Kobler details his setup HERE using the Flanders Scientific CM171.


Shane Hurlbut

Shane Hurlbut blogs HERE about using the Flanders Scientific CM250.