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LUT Conversion (PC)

This is a specific version of LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS that just converts LUTs into FSI's .dat format for import to the DIT LUT position on any Flanders Scientific monitor equipped with a CFE2 or CFE3 board. If you just want a simple and very easy to use utility to convert quickly from virtually any standard LUT format to FSI's .dat format this is the program for you.

This version of LightSpace can import virtually any type of LUT, including those generated in DaVinci Resolve. Conversion and export to FSI's .dat format takes just a matter of seconds with this hassle free utility.

Please note this is a Windows based application, but it will run well in Parallels or other Windows virtualization software on a Mac. For a MAC based version, checkout the FSI LUT Converter available for download here.

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Open LightSpace CMS.

From the File menu, select Import.

Select the LUT file you want to open and click Open.

To Export the LUT select Export from the File menu.

Select the correct format (FSI17_32bits.dat).

Save the file in an easy to access location.

Rename the file dit01.dat, dit02.dat, dit03.dat etc. all the way up to dit16.dat for the 16 available DIT LUT positions on BM, CM, and DM series monitors.